ROI Toledo Location

Our goal has always been to improve the “Quality of Life” through “Health and Vitality” not just for ourselves, but for our neighbors as well. We decided to take the Self-Sustainable Urban Farm Concept on the road! We jumped at the opportunity to create Toledo, Ohio’s first Demeter-Certified Biodynamic-Organic Urban Farm. We have essentially made the Demeter-Certified Farming Model mobile so that any family can have their own version of Health and Vitality in a mere three days, not 3-5 years!!!

Our Process

We began the process by removing the existing soil and replacing it with our certified biodynamic compost, (Inoculated years earlier). We dig down 12” and replaced the soil with our own certified compost. Everything, yes, everything takes off from there!



Within 28 days the seeds and starts were well on their way to creating living food. By the end of the season, it was clear that the mobile test farm was a success, now sin magnificent production in its second year!