What is biodynamics?

The Demeter Biodynamic Farm Standard is a comprehensive organic farming method that requires the Farmers to create and manage their farm as a closed-spherical-system (microcosm), exactly like our Earth, (Macrocosm). Self-generating, meeting all of its fertility and regenerative needs from the Living Dynamics of the Farm itself.  One of the foundation of the Biodynamic method of farming is a Goethean Observation of nature and its application to living farm system. Encouraging a new image based belief reality, leading to the experience of nature as an interconnected whole, a complete organism endowed with archetypal rhythm that is divided up amongst Her kingdoms of Nature. Our goal is to harmonize our efforts with the existing forces of Nature, her twin sister the Moon, the Solar and Cosmic influences as well as the 12 constellation of the Zodiac and their elemental correlation here on Earth. All of which influences and regulates the flow of water/life in all living systems, (including the ocean itself) here .\/. on Earth.


Biodynamic farming involves managing a farm in harmony with the principles of a living organism. The ideal model of a living organism is a Virgin Forest, (Like the one right here in Palmer Park!). In such a system there is a high degree of self-sufficiency in all biological outputs and survival. Choosing to work in Palmer Park, next to the largest virgin forest within 30 miles of any major US city, (Ketheric-Etheric antennae to the Cosmos), was a perfect fit with Dr. Steiner’s recommendations in his Lectures.  Fertility and feed arise out of the recycling organic material that the Farm-system generates. From Virgin Oak leaf tissue, to bio-mass and most importantly, manure.  Pest species such as insect or fungi are kept at bay by virtue of the farm’s living soil , biological vigor and its intrinsic genetic diversity, (no Mono culturing here!). All disease, in the forms of insect infestations and or mold is Mother Natures direct response to distress in the Plant Kingdom caused by the soil’s lack of Fertility (=) Creation. They are part of the Kingdoms of Nature that are called into action by the frequency each and every plant produces while in distress. Her Divine-Natural selection dictates that all weak or subordinate species must fail. It is these very “Pests” job to take things back to the soil,creating living fertility/the essence of all nature’s creations. With our ROI Urban Farming system, outside watering is rarely required as the living life of water is efficiently absorbed by our living compost, held then cycled throughout the entire living system.

The wisdom of the biodynamic farmer is guided by feelings and observations and simply acts to guide nature’s natural course, recreating the ancient principles of sustainability. In Detroit, we decided to build a new Permaculture Model in plain-view so that others could literally see what modern-day homesteading looked like. All the while our country rushes back into the Centralized City/Fresh Water River model that can be found throughout the history of all human civilizations. The view of the farm organism extends beyond the fence line and includes the tangible and intangible (seen and unseen) forces that work through it. Examples include Climate-Temperature and Atmosphere (below \/ and above /\ the ground). This also includes the light and warmth from the sun and the more distant astrological-constellations-stars, all of which influence the very force of creation, the ‘Elemental Kingdom's’ here on Earth. Biodynamic Agriculture works to harmonize all of these factors within a single holistic, living-farm-spherical-system, resulting in an increase of any farm’s yield and capacity for self-renewal, ultimately making the farm not only sustainable, but truly Regenerative. The food that results from this model are pure and naturally filled with nutritive density (Elemental Weight). True to its essence, the food, oils, mead, and medicinal products that we grow this way provide Health and Vitality, essential to an increasingly unhealthy human population.

The heart of a Biodynamic Farm’s fertility system, is the recycling of the carbon it specifically creates. Crop rotation and integration of animal manure, assist in ELIMINATING petrochemical inputs, compared to conventional agricultural practices which contaminate and kill the land for future use (think Round UP). These factors, in addition to Biodynamic farming’s focus on improving soil health, water quality, and biodiversity, combine to make it the world’s one and only true Gold Standard. The highest paradigm of sustainable agriculture known to exist, and likewise the hardest organic certification to obtain. Biodynamic Farmers have a collective vision to heal the planet this agricultural practice. At ROI Urban Farms not only have we quantified and validated this statement, along the way we have invented vast improvements to the base-line of Biodynamics, offering remedy and rapid actualization of our groups mutual goal and heartfelt intent.

Jamie Meyers