Fresh. Local. Organic.

At ROI Urban Farms, we Test grow certified Biodynamic-Organic produce for our family, neighbors, community, select restaurants and Mead Makers in and around Metro Detroit.

Backed by years of scientific research, our certified biodynamic-organic farm produces fruits, vegetables, and herbs with nutritive densities that average 300% (actual weight) above what is considered to be “organically” possible. Offering rapid elemental assimilation into the Human Body to rebuild or build up^ or our Human Systems

From our Farm - to your Family.


Our Mission is centered on “Health and Vitality.” It is our goal to provide the best possible “living organic food” on the market today. Our hope is to inspire a new generation of Progressive Farmers to embrace our fully documented and proven model of Modern Day Homesteading. Specifically allowing all People’s to grow Elementally enhanced food for their families, neighbors, and community.


Our process of creating “Living Food” is centered around Biodynamics.

What is Biodynamics? Biodynamic means, ‘Biology that has been elevated into a dynamic state’. This process was created from a series lectures given by a Rosicrucian Grand Master, Dr. Rudolf Steiner in 1924. He believed in “healing the planet through agriculture.” We base all of our work on his teachings with hopes of improving upon them, inspiring other people to follow in our collective footsteps. We base all of our farming activities in harmony with the Lunar cycles, (the Moon/Grace) and plant all of our crops in our Demeter-certified biodynamic-organic compost blends Specifically targeting each plant-elemental House for instantaneous assimilation.


We are Detroit’s First Demeter-Certified Biodynamic-Organic Farm!


ROI Urban Farms has made Biodynamic farming mobile! Our theories have been tested in an above ground parking lot (2015-2017) and in Ohio’s First Demeter-Certified Biodynamic-Organic Farm (2018)!

There is no such thing as waste at ROI Urban Farms! All of our spent carbon is recycled back into our soil year after year. Regeneration looks exactly like this!


No more greenhouses, hoop houses, or cold frames! A simple well-lit room works wonders. Our Elemental-House specific compost blends leap to respond to any light source no matter how minimal. Fertility is creation, this is what we do best!

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We have tested and proven over 250 species of plants with our process and Elementally Specific Compost blends, shattering what conventional farming believes is possible. We offer contract growing and can help you with any type of plant or product development. A decade of proven results has lead to many Demeter International Biodynamic World’s Firsts from our modern day farm in Detroit!